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Flood-Control and Tsunami Protection System

Flood-Protection, High-Water Prevention, 
Tsunami Protection System

FLOODPROTECT is a recently invented and worldwide patented product with the target to protect people and environment from damages caused by floods, high-water events as well as hopefully to reduce damages from a tsunami.


The idea behind this invention is very simple: FLOODPROTECT is always there.
You almost can't see it, but it will be there when you need it - never know when.
Just feel save, and relax!

Without any manpower, electric-power, hydraulics or pneumatics a wall with up to 4m thickness or more is coming out of the ground and rising up against the increasing water level. The Wall-Heigth is from 1m up to 8m - might be even more.


The Wall-Length can be from 12m up to several 1000m or might be even more in just one single piece.


» Typical situation / location for FLOODPROTECT

» How it works