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Clean Energy Production

During the time where the FLOODPROTECT Wall is invisible in the ground, and not in use for Flood/High-Water/Tsunami Protection the wall-system itself can produce clean energy. As an output of a heat-pump combined with solar-power depending on the size of the wall the energy for about 300 up to 600 households each kilometre can be generated with this clever and innovative system.


You also can use FLOODPROTECT as an energy-storage system. During summer time, where the sun shines long even in Europe, you can store sun-energy into the ground. In autumn and winter you can provide this energy through a heating supply-system to households and companies which are close to the FLOODPROTECT wall.

Power Station Power Station 2

Per one Kilometre you can use about 20.000 up to 100.000 Tons which you heat up to 40-50° C. This gives a usable thermal Delta-T of 40-50 ° C combined with a very, very high storage volume and mass.


Protection against flood and tsunami combined with production of clean energy. To protect against the result of a reason, and to do something against the reason in one. Environment protection which in best case also earns and gains a financial profit.


That´s clever – isn´t it?


If you like to know more about this special application of FLOODPROTECT please contact us.