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Flood Protection - How it works

Situation BEFORE flood / high-water / tsunami

The pre-fabricated concrete parts have been placed in the ground from the civil engineering company, might be with or without heavy duty enforcement.

The protected area might be a city, a village or even a single building like an airport which should be protected against a flood or high-water event.

It also can be a quite long line, one or if necessary even some of them in behind along a coast or river with the target to break down the tsunami wave in a certain area or angle to force it to another way when coming, always with the target to protect people.


Situation WHILE flood / high-water / tsunami

The protection wall is coming up automatically by hydrostatic power driven from the increasing water level. In case of tsunami warning there is enough time left to pump water into the concrete channel to inflate the wall-panel within some minutes.

In case of a tsunami FLOODPROTECT might not be strong enough to survive without any damage. But in the important seconds it could break the wave and protect the people.


After the flood: Take out the panels, clean and repair - replace, and wait …


» Typical situation / location for FLOODPROTECT